Some of the world’s best brands rely on Adobe Experience Manager Assets to manage and control their digital resources, underlined the software house of San Jose at the virtual event Adobe Summit.

Now, the company has decided to make it even easier for more users to access asset management within the apps they use in Adobe Experience Cloud, with the launch of Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essential

Assets Essentials is a lightweight edition of Adobe Experience Manager Assets with a simplified user experience for marketing and creativity professionals, to store, discover and distribute digital assets among teams.

Essentials, San Jose company explained, will be the default resource management experience in all Cloud Experience apps, starting with the new Adobe Journey Optimizer and later this year with Adobe

Among the main features and features of Asset Essentials, there is first of all a centralized, collaborative and agile workspace with an easy configuration to make your team ready for asset management activities immediately.

Content creators and collaborators can access digital assets in a cloud-based shared environment that is scalable, available and accessible worldwide. This simplifies the way that the marketing and creative teams of the entire company interact with task management capabilities.

The research and content detection functions are enhanced by artificial intelligence. This allows you to easily organize, label and find approved production assets to ensure the brand’s use and consistency among all teams.

Adobe has built-in Smart Tags, a tool that uses Adobe Sensei’s machine learning to automatically tag images, documents and videos allowing users to quickly find assets.

The development team has rebuilt the user experience from scratch, with a cloud-native approach, to allow multiple teams to access the digital asset management (DAM). In addition, the platform will continue to evolve, ensures Adobe, with more features, tools and connection points coming in in the coming months to help even more users create experiences with the digital assets they need.

The same Adobe Experience Manager has also been updated with new features designed to enable a quick delivery of a brand’s experiences.

New content automation features powered by Creative Cloud in Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service allow marketing and content teams to use a single master file to automate development easily

Adobe gives an example of a brand of clothing that has made a photo shoot on the beach, but wants to remove the background from all images to show better products on the brand’s showcase. With the new content automation features offered by Creative Cloud, you can upload the images to Adobe Experience Manager Assets and then easily automate the removal of backgrounds from images, all without leaving the application

At the launch, the company explained, the new integration will include dozens of popular features of Photoshop and Lightroom. They include high quality Lightroom filters that users can apply to scale within Experience Manager Assets, the ability to record a series of Photoshop actions and apply them to resources, Auto-tone, Auto-straighten, Image

Bringing Photoshop’s

This powerful integration is made possible by the Photoshop and Lightroom APIs that also feed the functionality in other software house products.

In addition to the integration with Creative Cloud, Adobe is also increasing the capacity of Adobe Experience Manager Assets’ digital asset management with the AI and machine learning technologies of Ad

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