The protagonist of the Adobe Summit 2019 conference in Las Vegas is the customer experience. Not only with keynotes, sessions, meetings and events: also with numerous ads from the San Jose company.

These include new Adobe Experience Cloud tools, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Marketo Engage and Adobe Experience Platform. In addition, Adobe has also announced new partnerships with Microsoft, LinkedIn and ServiceNow.

In the digital transformation process of companies, one essential point is to be able to manage information and activities at every stage of customer journey. Adobe Experience Cloud provides an integrated digital cloud platform for marketing, analysis, advertising and ecommerce. A breath of innovation for this platform is coming, with new features and solutions.

New tools on Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud, supported by Adobe Experience Platform, increases the integration of workflows between the various solutions and adds further real-time intelligence, based on Adobe Sensei. The latter, we remember, is the Adobe platform of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The latest innovations make it even easier to design, deliver and optimize cross-channel experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform is an open and extendable platform, of which the company has announced global availability. It combines data from the entire company, enabling real-time customer profiles based on Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Adobe Experience Platform is able to activate content based on these profiles. To provide customers with rich, relevant and personalised experiences in real time. The platform collects and processes data in real time from multiple sources, and organizes data in Experience Data Models (XDM). Brands can leverage Adobe Experience Platform to activate insights on all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. In addition, companies can enter their unique data from sources such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others.

Adobe also presented the new generation of Adobe Sensei, which now offers more in-depth insights, real-time decisions and smarter workflows. With the availability of Adobe Experience Platform, the new artificial intelligence services (available in beta version) provide the level of intelligence to connect data and content. To ensure that brands provide the right message, on the right channel, at the right time, in the right context.

Customer experience management intelligence

Adobe Analytics Cloud is the core intelligence and activation system for customer experience management (CXM). Adobe has added new features to provide accurate and timely insights into consumer behaviour across multiple channels. In addition to automatic and intuitive segmentation of users.

Now Adobe Audience Manager, combined with Adobe Experience Platform, offers a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in real time. This platform brings together known and anonymous data to activate customer profiles in real time on multiple channels during the customer journey. Adobe Analytics, with Adobe Experience Platform, offers brands a new way to interpret in real time in-depth information from online and offline data.

The new Journey IQ in Adobe Analytics combines the entire customer journey to ensure that the right customers are targeted at the right time. Deeper integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud combines disparate data and inventory solutions, eliminating media silos and ensuring that marketing and advertising efforts are aligned. In addition, Adobe Analytics now integrates commercial dashboards from Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the basic platform for optimizing content, activating conversations and customizing experiences to orchestrate a cross-channel customer journey. In this Adobe has added the industry-leading B2B marketing automation solution, Marketo Engage. The first integrations will allow marketers to extract or edit content from Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe Creative Cloud. And to create automatically target lists to understand the next-best-action to be undertaken in B2B sales (Marketo Engage).

Other Adobe Marketing Cloud news are about the faster delivery of custom content, with more automated and customized push notification (Adobe Campaign) features. Then, a new intelligent content recommendation engine (Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target). As well as functionality for automatic video cropping (Adobe Experience Manager).

Advertising and commerce

Adobe Advertising Cloud offers brands the functionality to plan, buy, measure and optimize advertising. Here Adobe has added features to combine and automate cross-channel advertising campaigns, including all forms of video, with built-in safety brands.

In a new partnership with Roku, Adobe Advertising Cloud customers can now leverage first-party data to target viewers.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is based on Magento Commerce and an ecosystem of over 300,000 developers. This tool provides an end-to-end solution to optimize both customer experience and business operations, fueling integrated and fully managed business on all stores, physical, digital and virtual.

The native integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager, and the added intelligence of Adobe Sensei, offer insights articulated in commerce And they offer engaging business experiences in real time.

New partnerships for customer experience

In addition to the product innovations, the company in San Jose has also announced some new partnerships. Adobe and ServiceNow have announced plans to allow integration between Adobe Experience Platform and ServiceNow Now platform. With the aim of improving Adobe’s real-time customer profiles with ServiceNow customer support data.

This, Adobe points out, will create a more complete view of the customer along the entire digital path, from acquisition to service. In addition, Adobe Experience Cloud solutions will integrate with the ServiceNow Now platform, including the CSM (Customer Service Management) solutions. Adobe and ServiceNow will work together to enable their common customers to integrate and leverage digital workflows, service catalogues, intelligent content, and knowledge management capabilities.

Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft and LinkedIn will create account-based experience (ABX) through data integrations and new marketing and sales features. By aligning the main data sources for popular account-based profiles, companies together will enhance B2B marketers’ activities. This partnership will result in a more personalised experience both at the individual level and at the level of accounts, on critical marketing and sales platforms such as LinkedIn.

More information is available on the Adobe website at this link.

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