On the occasion of the Adobe Summit event, the San Jose company unveiled the new generation of Adobe Sensei. It was not the only announcement, indeed: this was accompanied by many other innovations.

Adobe Sensei is the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It enhances many Adobe tools, both of the Creative Cloud and Acrobat and the digital document management platform.

Now new artificial intelligence services are available, which, at the moment, emphasizes the company, are still in beta version. These provide the level of intelligence needed to match data and content. They enhance the new features of Adobe Experience Platform, which combines all customer data. With the aim of offering marketers a complete and real-time view of the customer.

The new services thus allow the Adobe platform to offer brands a powerful Customer Experience Management (CXM) tool. A tool that can incorporate artificial intelligence into all decisions that drive the entire customer journey. And that also makes artificial intelligence more accessible to any company. Even where resources in data science are lacking or limited.

Different features of Adobe Experience Cloud, from Anomaly Detection to Smart Tag, have already enabled marketing professionals, data scientists and other professionals to intelligently automate thrifty processes and discover

Adobe Sensei’s new services

The new services launched by Adobe now, the company is sure, will further improve the role of artificial intelligence in companies. And they will go beyond new functionality implementations, allowing companies to make mission-critical decisions better and faster.

The San Jose company has long been refining Adobe Sensei’s content intelligence services for content management. Services that allow, for example, to manage the contents of images, improve their quality and make faster and more precise changes.

Now come the new intelligent analysis services that serve to innovate and enhance the scope of Customer Experience Management. Services that allow you to enrich user profiles to improve customer experience and design optimized customer journey.

Adobe Sensei AI Customer will allow brands to discover specific user segments with precision. And to target each of them with the right marketing campaign.

For example, a subscription service with millions of users, through the network scoring, could see which people are more likely to cancel their membership. This will guide decision-making on specific experiences of the brand that help to loyalty users. And, at the same time, target content subscribers with upsell services.

Artificial intelligence for the entire customer journey

Journey AI helps design, implement and manage customer paths. Customers interact with brand messages every day and on different channels, such as emails and social media. Whether or not to win the challenge to acquire and loyalty customers is a matter of milliseconds. It goes through sending the right messages, at the exact time.

Journey.ai offers brands a means to orchestrate paths on millions of users, constantly analysing behavioral data. And by activating brand experiences in the best moments. For example, it will allow a dealer to orchestrate different paths for long-term customers compared to early prospects.

Attribution AI helps to understand the impact of marketing. Key decisions on investment in resources and marketing can only be made through understanding the real impact of channels and campaigns. Much of this is still being done in an inefficient way, according to Adobe, with excessive attention to the first and last contact with a customer.

With Attribution.ai, brands can now see the conversion impact generated by the “owned”, “earned” and “paid” media. This, for the entire customer journey, so that you can make informed decisions on resources. A chain of hotels, for example, could detect the influence of a video campaign on web bookings and further expand the program.

More information about Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence services is available at this link.

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