Updates of the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud have introduced major improvements in the desktop environment, for example with the extension of support for Apple Silicon chips, but also extend to the mobile world, with the news of Photoshop and Il

Let’s start with the prince of photo editing, with creative possibilities for users that expand even more, thanks to the combination of Photoshop, iPad and Apple Pencil.

Adobe announced that you can now use all favorite brushes in Photoshop for desktops even with Apple Pencil and Photoshop for iPad. You can download hundreds of brushes by clicking on the

Or, you can connect to Adobe.com from your browser on your iPad, download one of the.abr files that you can find there and upload them into the appropriate panel within the app, to start using them immediately.

In Photoshop for iPads there are many ways to create and use brushes and there are also customized ones, created by artists of excellence such as Kyle Webster or inspired by Keith Haring.

Kyle Webster brush packs are available on Adobe.com for Creative Cloud subscribers. These packages are updated regularly and offer hundreds of brushes, including watercolors, manga, lettering and other unique effects.

Adobe also paid tribute to the great artist Keith Haring, whose art was not confined to museums but reached streets, metro stations and other public spaces, with a collection of digital brushes inspired by his original instruments such as chalk, marker

Brush is free for all users of Adobe Fresco, it is also available in Photoshop for desktop and now also in Photoshop for iPad. However, brushes are available for a limited period of time, until September 2021, Adobe announced.

In addition, you can create your own custom brushes with the Adobe Capture app.

Using Adobe Capture, users can create a brush file through the camera, drawing strokes on paper or choosing a photo or object and transforming it into a custom brush. Then, you can save the brush in.abr format or send it directly to Photoshop for iPad.

Adobe has also made some improvements to Photoshop desktop: now you can draw lines using vectors or pixels and also transform guides have been improved.

But let’s go back to the mobile environment, moving from Photoshop photo editing to illustration with Illustrator, always on iPad.

The latest version of Adobe Illustrator for iPad introduces improvements that enable new ways to illustrate and create for professionals and teams, regardless of where you work.

First, Adobe added a new option to sharpen the ends of the Blob brushes, to get tracks with the most natural appearance and greater precision when drawing with the brush.

Support for Illustrator Template format now helps you simplify your workflow and customize your way of creating. In addition, this offers the possibility to open and use models from Adobe Stock and other marketplaces.

Transparency Grid allows you to view and work on objects and shapes with a transparent background, to avoid fatigue on your eyes. Finally, Adobe introduced additional export options for more control over the final results of the workflow.

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