Adobe has announced new features of the Pdf platform that allow developers to accelerate experiences with digital documents and expand development models, for a seamless digital transformation path.

The context is where more and more companies digitize their paper processes, so developers and product leaders face the challenge of finding fast and flexible ways to create engaging documentary experiences.

Adobe Document Services’ goal since its introduction by San Jose company was to offer application programming interface (API) that would help build differentiated documentary experiences by exploiting over two decades of experience in Ado Pdf technology

The activity of developers and product leaders requires an increasing flexibility to digitally transform document experiences for their customers and partners.

Sales agreements, SOW documents, legal contracts and other dynamic documents are essential for business relations and must become digital in a consistent and reliable way, as well as without friction in the process.

The San Jose company now responds to these needs with the Adobe Document Generation API, a simpler and faster way to generate documents programmatically.

L’add-in for Microsoft Word allows you to quickly create templates in which user data is dynamically inserted to produce visually perfect Pdf and Word documents.

In addition, the integration out of the box with Adobe Sign further accelerates the automation of the business process from paper to digital.

Since the launch of the platform, about a year ago, Adobe has offered software development kits (SDK) in popular languages such as Java, Node.JS and.NET to provide developers with a quick and easy way to implement all PDF features in the

Based on the feedback received from the community, Adobe has now made publicly available an API reference, so that developers can access these APIs directly using the language of their choice.

In addition, developers now have a way to quickly try Adobe APIs using Postman Collections.

Another new feature of Adobe’s PDF platform is that the Pdf Tools API is now available on AWS Marketplace, the global online marketplace for software and services that enables an unfrictionless experience from valuation to purchase. With your AWS account you can now try out Adobe Pdf APIs and buy services in a pay as you go model, all in just a few clicks.

Finally, Adobe has also launched a new gallery of cases for Document Services API with PDFs, which can be a source of inspiration on what you can build with use case, workflow schemes, used APIs and code fragments

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