Presented for the first time during the Adobe MAX last November under the name of Project Gemini, Fresco is the new app for Adobe’s drawing and painting, designed to realize advanced projects, but within everyone’s reach in terms of

Lup, which takes its name from the technique of fresco, will be available from the end of 2019 and through the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei will allow to recreate the design and painting in digital oil and watercolor.

As Scott Belsky writes on Adobe’s blog, drawing is crucial to developing creative literacy. It is the first bond that people make with creativity, and every great painting, sculpture, film or building begins with a drawing.

Today more than ever, for Belsky, it is essential for everyone to develop creative literacy: since artificial intelligence takes on increasingly repetitive and trivial tasks, creativity is the only human quality that distinguishes each of us and helps us to make it.

Connecting the brain and hand through the drawing unlocks creative magic. To forge that connection, a digital generation needs a digital tool, which is why Adobe develops a powerful and sophisticated painting and drawing application.

How did you get to the Adobe Fresco app? It is inspired by the technique of frescoes, for which the artist spreads a layer of plaster on a wall or ceiling and while the plaster is still wet, he paints the image using a mixture of pigment and water. A chemical reaction binds the pigment to the still humid plaster and the image becomes part of the wall. Once the plaster is dry, the painter must stop the chemical magic is gone.

For Adobe, then, when inspiration arrives, you have to act \ before the plaster dries out. Adobe Fresco, therefore, enhances spontaneous creativity.

Designed for the iPad, Fresh free drawing and painting from the desktop to allow you to create anywhere, at any time, by replication of organic interactions.

Adobe researchers have studied the chemistry of real world pigments such as cobalt and ochre. They examined the physics of how watercolors are absorbed on thick paper and cotton, examined the ways a thick oil painting stain dries to add size to a painting.

Digital brushes

The result is the Live Brushes (brushes) that use Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence to recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors in a realistic way.

When you paint with a live brush you will see the watercolor effect, with the color that expands blossoming in the adjacent areas of the sheet. Using red and yellow next to each other, they will naturally melt into orange. You can also recreate the paint with water to dilute some colors and mix the colors.

With a live brush Brush oil you can brush a thick layer of paint and see the ridges and brush strokes that give the size of the painting, or mix different colors oil to create a whirlwind of colors that no cro wheel

You can use Photoshop brushes directly in Fesco and access thousands of additional brushes created by the manufacturer of Kyle Webster digital brushes. Fresh also includes vector brushes, which create clean, sharp and infinitely scalable lines and shapes. You can also create personal brushes with Adobe Capture.

Fresh works with Adobe Photoshop and allows you to move designs between apps. It also supports PDF export for editing to Adobe Illustrator.

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