As with the previous version, Adobe proposes three specific suites that collect programs for the creation of content for printing, web and video, as well as a Master Collection that includes all of them.

•Designers and developers determine how people use information, share ideas, sell products, tell stories and create memorable experiences • via print, online or mobile phone • said Giuseppe Verrini, Managing Director • Whether it’s creating a Rich Internet Application, a high-run video or periodical, Adobe Creative Suite 4 offers powerful cross-media technologies that can raise products, brands and ideas above mor

To facilitate the distribution of content across different channels, Adobe has committed itself to ensuring better integration between different applications, particularly with Flash, the main tool for the distribution of content on the Web. For example, a document created with the InDesign CS4 layout program can be saved in the new XFL format and opened in Flash to change text and graphs or add interactive elements. A similar workflow is also possible with After Effects, the software dedicated to the production of special effects for video.

But let’s go in order, starting with Photoshop CS4, the application for photo retouching in all suites, in basic version in the Standard and Extended versions in Premium. With the support of the latest graphics cards, the speed of viewing of the images on screen and their sharpness to any magnification ratio has been greatly improved; moreover, with the Canvas Rotation tool you can rotate the images so as to facilitate hand interventions

Another novelty is the possibility to combine photographs of the same subject with different focus points, so as to obtain a single perfectly sharp image, very useful functionality for photographers to objects of small size. In addition, the possibility of processing 3D objects has been extended: in addition to being able to change the point of view, you can modify the textures directly in Photoshop and add new ones, either using pre-existing images or with various painting tools.

Graphics all-extreme

Some new features for the vector graphics program Illustrator CS4, another application common to all suites: the most important is the creation of more artboards within the same document that can be saved as a multipage PDF document. The management of transparency effects on multi-color shades, combined with the ability to assign multiple fillings to the same object, then allows to reproduce textures shades, such as those of a printed fabric. Among the tools, the Blob brush appears, which allows to create complex paths with simple brush strokes. The use of sensitive guides has been made even more intuitive, with the addition of information on objects in the cursor position, while the preview of the graphic styles of the selected objects allows you to immediately evaluate the result. Finally, with Illustrator CS4 a new library of predefined styles is provided, with nuance and shading effects.

Simpler animations

The program for creating interactive content for the Flash CS4 web is the other application in almost all suites: only the Standard Design is deprived of it.

With this version, it debuts object-based animation: intermediate frames can be made much faster and, later, it is possible to easily modify both the duration and the path, even in three-dimensional space. Also in the animation field, support for reverse kinematics has been added, typical function of 3D animation programs that allows to control the movement of multiple objects with predefined joints: the typical example is that of a puppet, but this technique can The movements can then be perfected using the Motion Editor panel that closely follows the one in After Effects. As animation based on objects, it is possible to assign a new object a previously defined movement and with the program a series of presets are provided that can make the work faster.

As mentioned at the beginning, thanks to the new XFL format you can create documents in InDesign that can then be modified in Flash. The inclusion of Adobe Media Encoder and the support for the H.264 compression method, which has become the de-facto standard for the distribution of high-quality low-bitrate videos, finally allows to generate multiple versions of the content made with Flash CS

Not only on paper

The InDesign application scope as a tool for creating content to be distributed across different platforms also extends with the possibility of directly creating SWF files with hyperlinks, navigation buttons and transitions in the transition from one page to another. Most of the other innovations of InDesign are the optimization of workflows. With the Live Preflight function, the program detects potential problems already during the processing phase, suggesting corrections to be made. The creation of multi-language documents or distributions on different channels can be managed optimally thanks to the new conditional text function while sensitive guides facilitate alignment and spacing of the elements when they are inserted into the layout.

Easier development

As for DreamWeaver, the tool for l’authoring present in the Creative Web Suite, the interface has been completely redesigned to conform to that of other CS4 applications and has been introduced the open source Web engine In addition, the auto-completion functions for some of the Ajax and JavaScript frameworks and syntax control allow you to create a virtually error-free code at first stroke. With the InContext Editing online service, you can update the content of the pages using any web browser, leaving all the elements that must remain unchanged and setting the CSS styles to verify that the new content is formatted

A Careful Listener

Moving on to Suite Production Premium, the new feature for the Premiere video editing program is the transcription function of the speech, also in Italian, contained in a video clip: thanks to this, you can create a searchable text file that can be In the following, by selecting any word, the clip is placed immediately at the corresponding point. This function is also available in SoundBooth, the audio editing program, which integrates even more closely with Premiere thanks to the Dynamic Link function, which allows you to switch from one application to the other of the suite without having to perform For example, a multitrack audio mix made with SoundBooth can be inserted in Premiere as a stereo track, while retaining the possibility to modify any track separately. The integration between After Effects and Flash has also been improved: the compositions made with the first can be imported into Flash keeping all the elements separate and thus simplifying the subsequent processing phases. After Effects’s equipment is extended with Cartoon Effect and Bilateral Blur, and Mocha, an external ruffle module for motion tracking, is also provided with the program. Infi ne, OnLocation is now available for Mac OS platform. OnLocation allows you to use Mac hard drive to record live signal from a camera connected to Firewire, providing a whole range of tools for proper adjustment of video and audio levels. The OnLocation interface has also been completely redesigned and is now completely similar to that of the other Adobe applications.

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