Adobe Creative Cloud’s March 2021 updates not only brought Photoshop for Macs with Apple Silicon, but also several new features in professional video applications.

A video industry that is now in strong rise and that is no longer reserved, as it was, to a small percentage of companies with large budgets and specialised equipment, but that has somehow been ‘democraticized’.

From content creators who turn to a social community, to companies that try to reach and involve their customers, to directors who tell stories on small and large screens, the video is nowadays the predominant form for creative communication, he says

The latest updates of the Creative Cloud for video focus mainly on enabling creatives to work faster and get more from tools to achieve high quality content quickly.

In Premiere Pro and After Effects, Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence automates repetitive activities and continuous performance improvements accelerate workflows, leaving more time to creativity.

The simplified workflows of Premiere Pro help all users to work more efficiently. The March release introduces the new workflow for subtitles in Premiere Pro, a complete set of tools to quickly add, customize and stylize captions and subtitles.

Captions workflows, announced also Adobe, will be further accelerated by the Speed to Text functionality during the year.

The real-time 3D draft preview in After Effects provides users with immediate feedback on 3D projects in the Composition panel, so they can make creative decisions faster and iterate projects more easily.

3D ground floor, always in After Effects, helps designers to orient their projects in space, providing a horizon line, a escape point and a grid with snapping to position and align objects with precision.

The most efficient composition toolbar in After Effects is organized in a more logical way and presents the tools simultaneously, according to the task.

The fastest Warp Stabilizer and optimized analysis of Premiere Pro and After Effects provides a 4-time speed gain in reducing camera vibrations in UHD movies.

The Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects (currently in public beta) provides a rendering of up to 300% faster when exporting multicore CPU compositions.

In addition, a simplified rendering queue now highlights the most important information to simplify the export process.

The replacement of media files in animated graphics models allows video creators to improve their personal brand, add a peculiar visual style to their videos and use the templates to offer dynamic visual effects, all without having to know After Effects.

The animated graphic models in fact incorporate the power of After Effects in the timeline of Premiere Pro.

These are just some of the new features introduced in the March updates of Adobe Creative Cloud for professional video applications.

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