On the occasion of the Adobe Summit online event, the two companies presented new integrations between their platforms, starting with Adobe Document Cloud in Microsoft Teams and digital signature with Sign.

Adobe described these latest updates as the next milestone in the partnership between the company and Microsoft to support modern productivity.

Adobe Sign is Microsoft’s favorite electronic signature in its entire portfolio, which counts over 180 million active business users including organizations like Hitachi, TSB Bank, Sanofi, State of Hawaii and Iowa State University

Over 100 million users worldwide who work with colleagues, suppliers and customers in Teams can access Adobe’s electronic signature and PDF tools right within Teams.

In the last year, Adobe said that it had seen a great change, with electronic signatures becoming a critical need both among individuals and among companies. This led to an increase of over 200% year-on-year for Adobe Sign between February 2020 and February 2021.

Now, Microsoft has added Adobe Sign to the new Microsoft Teams Approvals app. Adobe Sign is a fully native electronic signature solution within Teams, Adobe points out, and the first available in the Approvals app.

Users can quickly and securely add Adobe Sign’s electronic signatures to the documents that need to be approved, directly within Approvals in Teams. They can also easily access and manage all electronic signatures and other approval requests in a secure, authenticated and verifiable manner.

At the heart of all the experiences with documents are the irreplaceable face-to-face interactions but the global pandemic has changed the experience of signing in person forever. However, with the new Live Sign in Microsoft Teams, Adobe Sign offers an experience with digital documents in Teams that makes users feel more like they’re signing in person, with an additional level of trust and security.

For example, you can present an agreement to be signed during a meeting Teams, while you are talking about person, although remotely and not in physical proximity.

Beyond electronic signature, millions of companies worldwide rely on Adobe Acrobat to leverage the full power of PDF in Microsoft 365 formats. With Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams, multiple Acrobat users can comment and write down PDFs stored in SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams without ever leaving Teams. Comments are captured in a single PDF that can be stored.

New features have also been designed and added to simplify l’editing with Microsoft 365 in Acrobat online.

With the new Microsoft 365 integration for Acrobat, you can convert a PDF to an editable Word document directly in your browser. Even better: you can use all Microsoft 365 editing tools with which the user is already familiar within Acrobat, without any download, upload or change of apps required.

Once you make the necessary changes, you can save the Word document again as a PDF and send it for revision using Acrobat’s sharing and signing tools, all without ever changing browser windows.

And it doesn’t seem to have to end here. The two companies claim that customers can expect to see even more fruits of the collaboration between Adobe and Microsoft, not only through Adobe Document Cloud, but also with other Adobe solutions.

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