Ignite 2020 was an opportunity not only for Microsoft, to release numerous and important announcements, but also for the technological partners of Redmond’s company, including Adobe, which this year was also named Microsoft Alliance Global ISV Partner of the

But above all, Adobe has unveiled a complete series of new or enhanced integrations with Microsoft applications: these updates have been designed to enable a richer collaboration, simpler productivity, new secure electronic signature scenarios and automated workflows for documents

As with Microsoft, Adobe also considers Teams as a central hub for productivity and sees its enormous potential as a collaboration tool, far beyond video conferencing and chat. Integrations therefore start with Microsoft Teams.

The new Adobe Sign for Teams is now enriched with the function of Live Signing: many transactions, agreements or ceremonies that imply signing are important moments that benefit from personal interaction, Adobe stresses, and the Live Signing allows a

As an extension of Microsoft’s new Approvals platform, Adobe will allow users to use Adobe Sign’s electronic signature for their approval requests.

In addition, soon, more Acrobat users will be able to comment and write down in real time on PDF documents stored in SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams in the Teams user interface.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams: Adobe had already released an important update this year to add asset notification and sharing workflows in several Creative Cloud tools, including Photoshop,

Microsoft Power Automate allows efficient automation of repetitive processes and with Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Sign integrations organizations can automate complex enterprise document workflows with secure electronic signature transactions.

With the new Adobe Document Services for Power Automate users will soon be able to exploit the API Tools as part of Adobe Document Services, to manage use cases such as converting Word documents to Pdf or protecting, protecting, protecting, protecting, protecting, protecting

In addition, as far as Adobe Sign for Power Automate is concerned, Adobe recently introduced an updated connector that incorporates the functionality of

Adobe Sign already supports Dynamics 365 Sales with integrated electronic signature workflows, and now this updated and extended integration supports additional scenarios for Dynamics users.

Adobe Sign for Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service release improves document workflows to support customer service and productivity of workers in the field, while Sign for Dynamics 365 Sales has been expanded with new functions

Adobe Acrobat for SharePoint and OneDrive has also been upgraded and you can now open, comment, annotate and edit PDFs in your browser, directly from SharePoint or OneDrive.

Finally, Microsoft Graph’s connection to the API will allow documents stored in Document Cloud to be displayed in Microsoft 365 search results.

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