The Covid-19 emergency is changing from health care to economic: to face this new challenge, Active Evolution focuses on well-defined strategies and careful scouting on the market.

The Venetian distributor closed 2019 and started 2020 with revenue driven by cloud, cybersecurity and Ucc. Markets that are growing but that require constant commitment; for this reason, Active Evolution continues its scouting to bring innovative solutions to Italy.

The cloud storage is one of the focus on which the research is focusing, so that partners can also be offered as-a-service solutions in this regard.

Referring to cybersecurity, the manager cited Identity & access management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies: these are solutions that will soon have a growing market success, according to Lorenz

Zanotto also stressed the importance for the Venetian society of bringing proposals to the market that are also tailored to Pmi. Too often, small businesses remain excluded from best-in-class technologies.

Moreover, scouting is done following a precise strategy: to identify innovative solutions but at the same time not inflated, allowing the resellers to stand out on the market without entering competitions based only on price.

Activate Evolution has therefore moved with works of evangelization towards its own channel. The web in the reference channel for these activities is no longer able to organize the tour stages (already started but only one stage completed).

Moreover, this is a very important activity in this historical period: a significant part of the world of IT professionals was dismayed by the arrival of the pandemic. The change imposed was drastic and global.

Many companies, in each sector, have had to equip themselves both from a technological and cultural point of view. A powerful push towards digital transformation, although the absolute urgency with which many organizations had to operate has not allowed adequate planning and planning.

It is no coincidence that Zanotto has pointed out that the technology used by organizations and institutions today is often based on free offers but limited in time: these realities, at the end of an emergency, will have to be structured to make definitive choices in this regard.

Unfortunately, continues the manager, part of the companies will be forced to return to the activities only on premise. The reason? It is as simple as disarming: basic infrastructure, broadband connectivity on all, are too often insufficient and spread leopard-stained.

The amount of data traveling is growing exponentially; just as in Italy we cannot say for the diffusion of a broadband worthy of this definition. The manager also expressed little optimism about the impact of 5G networks, at least in the short term.

The proposed view of the Italian situation is undoubtedly complicated. On the one hand, large systems integrators who can rely on sufficient liquidity to overcome this prolonged closing period, on the other hand, a huge number of small and medium-sized partners whose future seems to be dense clouds. For the latter, the key to survival passes through fusion or partnership operations (Zanotto reported to us that he is aware of some movements in this sense). No doubt, those who had invested in themselves in times not suspicious, raising their skills and focusing decisively on the world as-a-service will be in a privileged position as soon as the market returns to be profitable. Difficult, concludes the manager of Activa Evolution, imagine in the short term significant investment strategies by Italian companies on the IT segment: after months with zero turnover, it is likely that many expect to have the necessary capital, as well as have reasonable certainty on the stability of the situation

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