AgID carried out an analysis on the number and type of administrations that have published the declarations of accessibility of its websites

The issue of the accessibility of IT tools is of great importance, as last mentioned by Law 120/2020 on urgent measures for simplification and digital innovation (Decree Simplifications).

The Guidelines on Accessibility of IT Tools indicate that PAs publish the declaration of the level of accessibility of their websites and apps.

The Digital Italy Agency carried out a first monitoring of the number and type of administrations that have published the accessibility statements concerning websites.

The picture at the end of 2020 is made up of 8,586 administrations that have published 9,931 accessibility statements, covering both institutional and thematic sites (services, projects, initiatives).

By 23 September 2021, all administrations will have to publish declarations for all their websites and apps, thus completing what has been collected so far.

Let’s say immediately that the results are not the most rewarding: from the analysis of the transmitted data, the PAs have declared that 59% of the declarations indicate the site as

Only 36% of the statements indicate the site as ‘conforma’, a discomfortable percentage.

Lombardy, Veneto, Campania and Emilia Romagna have published the most declarations of accessibility. Almost all schools have published statements; among ministries one fifth has provided.

AgID has developed an online application to allow PAs to publish declarations according to the model defined by the European Commission.

The application allows AgID to monitor in real time the progress of the publication of the declarations.

The data received show that the Public Administrations have published a large number of declarations, taking into account the novelty of the fulfillment; they continue to publish new declarations for their institutional and thematic sites; they regularly update the statements already published.

The transposition of EU Directive 2016/2102 and the subsequent adoption by AgID of the Accessibility Guidelines are another step towards the dissemination of more accessible content and more inclusive digital services in the Public Administration. On the basis of these findings, AgID will continue its dissemination activity in favour of PAs, with a view to gradually increasing the culture of accessibility.

In February, AgID will work on a full report of the statements received.

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