The growing spread of biometric data usage for authentication processes means that the same data is stored and recorded in different locations and under different conditions.

In the case of biometric data impairment, whether it is fingerprints, face or iris, Kaspersky observes, it must be understood that once lost they are forever: it is not possible, in fact, to proceed with their restoration, as would be done,

Some Kaspersky research has highlighted the risk of biometric data being compromised. A recent overview of cyber threats specifically targeted at systems used for biometric data processing and storage showed that various types of cyber threats, including Trojans for remote access, ransomware, bank Trojans, have been

Kaspersky then collaborated with a 3D accessories designer, Benjamin Waye, and the Swedish team of the creative agency Archetype to create a jewel, a special ring with a pattern of artificial 3D prints

The ring, Kaspersky points out, is only one of the possible solutions to be adopted to protect biometric data of people in a scenario that does not guarantee 100% that real biometric data is kept responsibly by third parties.

With this kind of accessory, people can unlock their smartphones and use other systems that require fingerprint authentication without worrying about the fact that real biometric data is stolen.

Unlike a real fingerprint, in fact, the artificial fingerprint can be changed and reset.

In case biometric data is lost due to an attack, the ring may be equipped with a new artificial pattern and unique personal data will be safe.

As Marco Preuss, Director of Global Research & Analysis Team, Europe, of Kaspersky … has thinned it is only one of the possible ways we have available to address today’s cyberse-related problems. A definitive solution will involve the creation of measures and technologies that truly guarantee the protection of the unique identity of people. Such a solution has yet to be developed and the current state of biometric safety studies has not yet reached such a maturity. However, given the growing adoption of this type of technology, we thought it important to start a debate within the companies concerned.

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