GTT Communications announced the results of a market research conducted in November 2019, which shows the clear propensity of the sample interviewed to SD-WAN technology.It indicates that 96% of IT decision-makers had in mind to modernise their business network For this research, 1,483 IT decision makers and network managers were consulted in 12 countries, and their responses provide a snapshot of the main technologies, skills and trends related to the network that shape today’s enterprise.

Before the upheaval caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, companies were confident for the future, 98% of the decision makers questioned predicted the growth of their business in 2020. 66% wanted to invest in upgrading their networks to support the constant innovation in services and technologies and 30% thought to develop their network infrastructure to meet the growing demand for capacity. With this crisis in which networks have been tested as never before, it is likely that the planned investments can be maintained, even if to a lesser extent than expected. According to Gartner, global spending on security and technology and risk management services will continue to grow in 2020, although at a slower pace than before the pandemic.

Research highlights how SD-WAN technology could play a leading role in 2020. 68% of organisations considered implementing a hybrid WAN (with SD-WAN) or planning an SD-WAN strategy for 2020. The primary objective of the decision-makers questioned, with 31% of the preferences, is to improve security and protect information conveyed on the public network with the parameters of existing security protocols. Italy has the most gradual SD-WAN approach among all the countries interviewed, with 85% of IT decision makers planning to use SD-WAN technology in some way in 2020.

Given the challenges that cloud connectivity poses, companies are thinking about how to manage the underlying network to safely support cloud applications that require greater flexibility, agility and scalability. SD-WAN offers a new approach. Combines hardware and software at the customer’s premises with a central intelligence function, which can understand network performance and connected applications and clouds, ensuring greater security through secure connection to applications in the cloud, without relying on unsafe Internet connections.

According to the research of sd wan SD-WAN also guarantees additional security benefits: companies have centralized policy control, which means that firewalls can be updated at once with the most up-to-date software, also ensuring that the information transported SD-WAN technology is relatively new, so technicians with adequate experience are scarce. To take advantage of the opportunities offered by SD-WAN, companies need professionals who can provide advice on SD-WAN strategy, architecture design, implementation and continuous support. In addition, technicians must have a good knowledge of WAN services, switching, routing, regulatory development and security.

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