5G is coming and the FS Italiane Group intends to bring the new technology to the railway stations as well. The company started, together with Inwit, a subsidiary of Tim, the project of a new network set up for 5G.

The project’s objective is to implement a telecommunications infrastructure system based on the latest generation Distributed Antenna System (DAS). A system that optimizes the reception of mobile signals and enhances Internet connection from smartphones, tablets and PCs. And a system already prepared for 5G mobile technology, which will make its debut in the near future.

The project involves railway stations managed by the company of the Italian FS Group GrandiStati Rail. Stations present in some of the largest cities in the country. And that in recent years have seen the number of businesses and commercial services growing within them.

The stations involved are: Bologna Centrale, Firenze Santa Maria Novella, Napoli Centrale, Roma Termini, Roma Tiburtina, Torino Porta Nuova, Venezia Mestre, Venezia Santa Lucia and Verona Porta Nuova.

DAS system for 5G, and not only

The DAS system, composed of micro antennas indoor and outdoor, allows a remarkable improvement in signal reception. And, as a result, customer experience for mobile devices. Not only those who will arrive with 5G, but also those currently used with 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+ technologies.

In addition, DAS infrastructure will make the same railway stations This is for when the introduction of new generation mobile technology will take place (in a short time).

The DAS system provides an electronic control unit that receives the fiber optic cable signal of mobile operators. The control unit then relaunches it with a power and a radio signal stability that would not be possible only with the large antennas outside the station.

A series of micro antennas are distributed throughout all the stations. These allow calls without disturbance or loss of line and increase the capacity of high-speed Internet connections.

Micro antennas are key tools for the proper functioning of 5G technology. This requires a constant and powerful signal. Not only to allow you to receive and send documents and video content in a shorter time than today. But also to support all the innovations and new use cases that concern the Internet Of Things.

FS Italian and Inwit

Alessandro La Rocca, Director of Innovation and Information Systems of FS Italiane, said that “the installation of the DAS antenna system in the stations will improve the use of smartphones and PCs that exploit the 2G, 3G transmission technologies We have welcomed this partnership with interest to prepare for the introduction of 5G data transmission technology that will allow us to realize increasingly innovative applications. The FS Italian Group is working to design new services for people travelling to Italy.

For Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of Inwit › we are responding to the continuous request for mobile connectivity by creating plants, such as the DAS system, to improve the coverage of operators in outdoor and indoor sites particularly frequent Thanks to micro antennas located in stations, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, stadiums and city areas with a strong concentration of people, we will ensure that operators receive the signal of always very high quality

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