Blockchain, artificial intelligence, ultra-wide band: all together enable smart agriculture and food supply chain. Vodafone testifies, that he has realized a solution of smart agriculture that traces the entire production chain of bread, from the cultivation in the field to the sale to the final consumer, and allows to raise the quality standards of agricultural products and reduce the environmental impact.

Developed in the 5G experiment in Milan, Vodafone is the lead, the project was realized with the Panificio Davide Longoni and in collaboration with Ibm.

The solution was made from a 5G sensor system installed at a field cultivated with rye in the Park of Vettabbia in Chiaravalle (Milan) and involved the final consumer in the store of the Panificio Davide Longoni in Milan

With the ultra-wide band and the very low latency of 5G, the Vodafone solution of Smart Agriculture allows you to monitor and monitor, through data and images, all the stages of bread production: from the cultivation of the field to the harvesting process by

The solution includes several hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence IBM technologies to bring new efficiency and results, from the field cultivated to the point of sale.

Predictive models, computer vision algorithms and machine learning process the data collected in the field and in the bakery in real time, while through Ibm blockchain technology is guaranteed the tracking of the product along the entire chain in order to guarantee its authenticity

Monitoring of grower, baker, consumer

With the project 5G Vodafone of Smart Agriculture the farmer can have access to a large amount of data, acquired both in the sowing and harvest phase, constantly monitor the conditions of the field remotely and in real time and, thanks to algorithms

In turn, the baker can follow the cultivation phase by displaying the data directly from the field and benefit from valuable technological support in the bread processing process.

Thanks to the sensors installed in the laboratory, the 5G video analysis and neural networks, the solution allows to evaluate the levels of pH of the dough, monitor remotely the process of raising bread and warn the baker of the leavening occurred at the

The solution is completed by extending information and transparency to the final customer, from the field to the sale: the solution, in fact, thanks to Blockchain technology, involves the same consumer who from his receipt, directly at the point of sale, can access all the data collected during production,

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