Airports of Rome has announced that Fiumicino is the first Italian airport to equip itself with the new mobile technology, with a 5G demo area.

The new demonstration area inaugurated at the Roman port of call was created by Tim, Adr and Ericsson. In the 5G demo area, passengers arriving and transiting will be able to discover the new technology in advance. And try some services that will characterize the near future of mobile communications.

In stand 5G located at arrivals of Terminal 3 (baggage pickup area) users will be able to experience the innovative service of virtual guided tours. It is one of the main tourism applications related to 5G. That clearly can have a strong impact in a city of art, history and culture like Rome.

In particular, visitors will be accompanied on an immersive tour of Piazza Navona through the use of glasses for virtual reality. With the possibility to interact with a bilingual guide. And to explore the square together, with its famous fountains, and to live it at different times of day and night.

These new ways of interaction to support tourism are made natural by the high band and low latency proper to the 5G network.

Comments from companies

During the presentation the protagonists of the new 5G demo area have emphasized how this important technological acceleration attributes to Fiumicino, recently named best stopover of Europe, the recognition of being the first Italian airport equipped with the infrastructure of new generation. Infrastructure with which the entire airport area will be progressively covered.

è a novelty, this, that is added to the technologies already present on the Roman port of call today increasingly avant-garde for the use of new solutions that help us daily to set the operating choices in order to make more and He commented Emiliano Sorrenti, Director Information and Communications Technology of Rome Airports.

For his part, Francesco D’Angelo, Tim’s Sales Business Manager, highlighted the following. • Having chosen Fiumicino Airport to show the public the potential of 5G, allows Tim to consolidate his leadership in the mobile communications market in Italy and in the field of innovation. •

• The virtual reality application available at Fiumicino Airport, is a first example in the consumer field that shows how greater connectivity combined with low latency can open the doors to new innovative and interactive services. Looking at the industrial world, airport airports will benefit from 5G for automation and digitalization of operating processes. He added Raimondo Anello, Head of Innovation for the Customer Unit Tim within Ericsson.

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