The Minister for Technology Innovation and Digitalization (MID), Paola Pisano, presented in Rome the vision and strategy that will guide the technological development, inclusive and sustainable of the country. It’s called……. ♪ 2025. Strategy for technological and digital innovation of the country

A document that opens with a high statement, for which innovation and digitisation must be part of a structural reform of the state that promotes more democracy, equality, ethics, justice and inclusion and generates sustainable growth in respect of our planet.

The three challenges

Therefore, the innovation strategy, as stated in the Plan document, has its roots in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which lead to three main challenges:

• the digitisation of society

• innovation in the country

• the sustainable and ethical development of society as a whole.

Under Pisano’s leadership, the MID has structured every challenge into three objectives to be achieved with concrete actions: the first twenty (+1) actions of innovation and digitalization in the section.

To enable effective implementation of the strategic plan, the strategy will be updated every 4 months to verify the state of development of the actions, the inclusion of new actions and the achievement of the overall vision;

The strategy will be inserted on the participatory platform of the Public Administration (Participant), so that anyone can contribute by proposing an action, a project an initiative that meets the challenges launched by the document.

The strategy describes a process of structural and radical transformation of our country, from digital infrastructures, to public administration services, to public-private collaboration in generating innovation.

Download MID 2025 document

A directional cabin and task force

For this reason, it is stated in the document, all actions require coordinated work that will be carried out through the direction cabin established with the other ministries and coordination tables with the territories (Comuni, Regions), the agencies, the central agencies, local and private subjects.

Inside the direction cabin, vertical task forces were created with a small number of departments, which bring them back to the direction cabin and deal with specific actions of the strategic plan.

The task force is the future work of the Ministry of Labour, Miur, the public service; the task force \Tech for ITaly is formed by Maeci, Mise, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Interior.

The actions will be developed in collaboration with municipalities and regions, which will have the support of MID in the implementation of digitalization projects and in the creation of ad hoc projects to attract innovative and strategic services in line with the needs of the area.

Cities already involved in the plan are Rome (digitalization of the services of registry), Padua, Taranto (project for the digitisation of all the services and processes of the city) Naples.

The funds to digitize

The implementation of the strategy is also based on the use of different funding funds: funds for innovation in budgetary maneuver; funds not yet committed, covering national and European programmes (Fondi Pon, Pongov, Cohesion Funds), funds already available

Download MID 2025 document

What has MID done in the first three months?

In the plan document MID also includes the activity done in the first three months to create the conditions for an ecosystem to support innovation

The list begins with the creation of the website of the Ministry of Innovation (available from last week) and activation of social channels. The campaign of talent recruitment in the section “Works with us” began. The MID has joined the 5GAA association to develop trials in the field of 5G and autonomous vehicles to support applied research and technology transfer to SMEs. An agreement has been established with Enac and Esa for the development of innovative services within villages that concern urban air mobility technologies and space.

The MID also says in the plan document that it is working on the creation of an open partnership with all the actors of autonomous mobility and connected with the MIT and the Ministry of Interior and has signed an agreement with the Department of Public Service to develop innovation and digitalisation projects in the

The plan document also states that the strategy has been shared with the National Innovation Fund.

The management cabin with the ministries has been started and the first task forces defined: works of the future, TechFor Italy; Ethics and Safety; The innovation chain; villages of the future; technological infrastructure and mobility.

A working group was set up with the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Publishing to counter… online hate and promoted a first action to counter the phenomenon,… who hates pay in the context of the Digital Republic project.

The MID is promoting the establishment of the AI Ethical Lab-el in collaboration with many public and private stakeholders.

The plan also states that in this context, in the coming days, we will sign a protocol of understanding with the Leonardo Foundation that has already begun a careful reflection on these themes.

Minister Pisano said he had proposed amendments in the budget law to make the process of innovation and digitisation of the country more efficient.

The Mid is working for the birth of innovation laboratories in schools, activating the first laboratory on robotics.

It is also stated in the plan that two laboratories of technology of the United Nations have chosen two Italian cities for their headquarters: they will deal with technological development and transfer of innovation to developing countries thanks to the joint work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Taranto cantiere was started, with Taranto’s entry into the ANPR, the national registry for residents.

Italy started its first technical meetings with Germany to join the Gaia X project, to create a European cloud.

The list of activities for the first three months is closed with a few numbers: TIM, within the framework of the project “Digital Republic,” has promoted a wide campaign of education and digital inclusion throughout the Italian territory: one million people to be trained, with 20 thousand hours of

Download MID 2025 document

The spin doctor of the plan

The closing page of the plan refers to action and contribution by citizens, together with interest groups (with the logic of +1).

The plan was drawn up by the MID, but it was clearly necessary to have an intellectual contribution from experts.

Interesting then is to read the list of contributors, in various title (not specified): Paolo Benanti, Mario Calderini, Davide Casaleggio, Roberto Cingolani, Vincenzo Di Nicola, Gianni Dominici, Giovanni Do

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